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Beast Agenda 2030 is a Stealth, Gadgets and Hacking focused RPG that encourages you to use your brain to complete missions in procedurally generated city districts.

In 2028, the Watchers surfaced. They claimed to be the ancient alien progenitors of the human race. They rode in on a Trojan Horse of advanced knowledge and a peaceful World Government. They were, to all who believed, the Saviors of the Earth and all mankind. The truth was that these tentacled abominations came from the bottomless depths of The Sea, chained up for thousands of years, and unshackled in these final days.
The Watcher’s promised a new age of enlightenment and directed evolution, if only one accepted the Watcher’s authority and took their Mark. Those who refused were exiled to the island of Fleece, to live unhindered, yet disconnected from the rest of the enlightened world. By 2030 all the Earth was claimed. Now the Watchers’ army has come for Fleece. The remaining few Resisters are fighting to survive and ultimately escape the New World Order.


Hack, sneak, and loot your way through procedurally generated cities with procedurally generated content.

Acquire missions, level up, and buy equipment in your sewer base.

Rescue fellow Resisters, that allow the player to employ and level up new abilities. Give survivors assignments that will make missions easier, or send them out to acquire resources that increase community morale.

Get creative with systems based gameplay. For instance: Arniss finds a locked door: How does he open it? Disable the lock if Arniss’ skill is leveled. Control the console on a vehicle to crash into the door. Hack a chipped enemy brain to download the door code. Or hitch a ride on a UFO with your grappling hook to enter through the backdoor!

Complete mission goals to acquire components to build your submarine and escape the grasp of the New World Order!

Be sure and add the full game to your wish list on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/903780/Beast_Agenda_2030/

If you're a streamer be sure and request a key on Keymailer.co so that you can get a copy when the full game is available on Steam! https://www.keymailer.co/g/games/65698

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I really enjoyed playing this demo! And I can't wait until the full release. Keep up the good work, also here's my let's play:

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Great video! But, you recorded it at 30 fps when the game is 60 so it looks like it lagging. :)


The last episode has been made


You beat it! 


Made a second video


Thanks guys!


Made a video


Awesome, thanks! I see you guys had some trouble being stealthy. :) The intro area will be easier in the full game. Looking forward to part 2!


WOW - The amount of art and content in this is amazing for a Demo.  Great Stuff Here - Trying to find the girl in the first mission currently.  Cool atmosphere and vibe to this. Sci-fi style is awesome!

Thanks! Glad you like it. Atmosphere is one of the things I'm most concerned with, so I'm glad it's working for you.